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Colic Gas Relief for Infants and Adults

Helps Alleviate Symptoms of Colic, Gas, Tummy Aches, Indigestion, Acid Reflux, Heartburn and Stubborn Hiccoughs. $12.00 /1 oz 

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Pregnancy Leg and Foot Pain Relief Massage Oil

Assists in removing excess fluids, improving overall circulation in the body and bringing safe and effective relief to sore, swollen, aching muscles and joints in the legs, feet and ankles during pregnancy. From $16

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Organic Lip Butter | Chocolate Vanilla Flavor

Organic Healing Lip Butter quickly Repairs Sore, Dry, Cracked or Chapped and Irritated Lips and Skin with pure Organic ingredients. It tastes so good you almost want to eat it!

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Organic Detox Cellulite Body Oil- Detoxifying

Organic Detox Cellulite Body Oil stimulates Circulation of the Lymphatic system to assist in removal of toxins from the body while Eliminating Excess Fluids, Speeding up the Metabolism and helping to Reduce the appearance of Cellulite! Starting at $9.00

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Organic Boo Boo Balm | Arnica Bumps and Bruises Relief

Helps to Alleviate Pain and Inflammation while Promoting Rapid Healing From: Bumps, Bruises, Burns, Contusions, Minor Cuts, Minor Scrapes, Scalds, Skin Rashes, Headache Relief, Sport related injuries and strains. $12.00

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$8.00$28.00 $6.00$24.00

Organic Insect Repellent for Toddlers & Adults

A natural alternative to toxic bug repellents such as DEET to help repel: mosquitoes, no-see-ums, gnats, fleas, ticks and biting flies with safe ingredients and essential oils for Toddlers, Kids and Adults! $8.00

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Metabolism Booster and Appetite Suppressant ~ Organic Aromatherapy Inhaler

Use anytime you need a little help in speeding up the metabolism or curbing cravings and the appetite to assist you in your weight loss goals with pure certified organic ingredients! $8.00

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