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USDA Certified Organic Lemon Essential Oil | Citrus limon
 | Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil | 100% Pure Essential Oils  | Purity Tested Essential Oils | Lemon Essential Oil - Certified Organic

Uplifting ~ Energizing ~ Clean ~ Digestion ~ Immunity

Price: $5.50 each
Muscle & Flow - Organic Aromatherapy Oil for Muscle Pain and Fluid Retention Relief during Pregnancy Muscle & Flow Body Oil for Pregnancy & Kids 2+

Assists to sooth sore, swollen, aching muscles and joints both during and after pregnancy; helping to improve overall vein and fluid circulation throughout the body.

Price: $12.00 each
Flush & Flow Organic Lymphatic Body Oil Flush & Flow | Organic Detoxifying Body Oil for the Lymphatic System

Fast absorbing, non-greasy body oil that can be used in conjunction with cleanses, detoxification systems, after skin brushing, fasting programs, weight loss systems, steam saunas and Yoga to help assist the body flush out toxins from the lymphatic system.

Price: $16.00 each
Varicose Veins Organic Body Oil Healthy Veins | Herbal & Aromatic Body Oil

Sooth achy legs, swollen veins | Increase Circulation
Balance & improve Blood Flow | Repairing & Toning Veins
Reduce Fluid Retention

Price: $16.00 each
Laurel Leaf Essential Oil, Laurus Nobilis, Bay Laurel Laurel Leaf Essential Oil | Bay Laurel

Immune boosting ~ Increases white blood cell production
Effective against most Viruses ~ SARS ~Kidney, Liver & Lymphatic Detoxifier
Energy ~ Appetite stimulant ~ Stomach Cramps ~ Tonsillitis ~ Rhematoid Arthritis

Price: $18.95 each