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Pine & Peppermint | Essential Oil Blend | Holiday Cheer | Diffuse, Air Purify, Immune and Mental boost, Fatigue, Natural Air Spray Pine & Peppermint | Holiday Essential Oil Blend

Offering numerous benefits to the Immune, Respiratory & Nervous systems, while adding holiday cheer!

Price: $2.50 each
Calming Essential Oils for Babies Calm Baby | Calming Essential Oils for Babies 6 months +

Agitation, Hyperactivity, Excessive Crying, Fussiness, Fevers, Teething Pain, Sleeplessness, Skin Rashes, Sore Nipples, Burns, Bumps, Bruises, BooBoos and more!

Price: $10.00 each
Sleepytime | Essential Oils to help Sleep during Pregnancy Sleepytime | Pregnancy ~ Toddlers ~ Kids

A synergistic blend of Organic oils to de-stress, calm, sooth and relax an overactive mind helping to whisk you off into dreamland!

Price: $12.00 each
Essential Oil Blend for Headaches and Migraines Heads A Throbbin' Organic Essential Oil Blend for Headaches

Best suited for: Headaches & Migraines associated with Stress, Tension, Food Allergies, Caffeine, Hormonal Imbalances, High or Low Blood Pressure, Dehydration, Eye Strain, Crying, Synthetic Perfumes or toxic fumes.

Price: $14.00 each