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Jillian Kinsman-Barrett

I started my journey into holistic healing when I was a teenager after unsuccessfully treating my acne with several courses of antibiotics and steroid creams that not only made my acne worse and more irritated, but also left my body wondering what the hell happened! I have since found the culprit of most of my acne and skin irritations were caused by food allergies, intolerances, artificial colors and fragrances; a few things doctors really didn’t believe could be the cause back then. I have always had extremely sensitive skin, and found that that most skincare found on stores shelves back then tended to be very irritating. So, as a teen I started making a few of my own remedies from the items I found in my mothers kitchen.

After high school in 1994, I attended the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis where I studied cosmetology. It was then that I also took my first aromatherapy course and started using essential oils in all aspects of my life. I've spent 15 years in the nail & spa industry, between Sarasota and Tampa, FL. Partially running my own business, as well as working for others. During my time mainly doing nails, I had also started having health issues from the chemicals that I was using and decided that I needed to transition out of the toxic nail industry and into a healthier career. It was this latter portion of my spa career in which I had been inspired to eventually formulate my own natural and organic products to use on my clients, in lieu of the toxic alternative. I was also fortunate enough to be able to transition into lifestyle modeling, which eventually led me into commercial acting as well as some TV and movies.

After becoming pregnant with our son, Dalex in 2010, I dealt with some common health challenges women face during their pregnancy, to which there was nothing natural in the market place to safely or effectively alleviate. So in 2012, I began to further my education studying the art and science of aromatherapy with Health Mastery Systems and The East West School of Herbal and Aromatic Studies, and focused my formulations on effective remedies to help alleviate some of those conditions that I had faced; helping other women along the way. As our son grew and had his own health challenges, I eventually added in more remedies for babies and children.

Over the past few years I often get asked to make specific formulations for customers and to take on consultations and to this I say, I wish I had more time!! At the present, my hands are full, however, I may add on private consultations in the future!! However, do drop a line, as I may have something in the works already and Please DO sign up for my newsletter or follow me on social media (links on the bottom of the page under “Connect with OR”) and I’ll keep you in the loop when that could possibly be in the cards. Until then……. I thank you for trusting in myself, my formulations and bringing you more, natural remedies to help you along your holistic-healing journey! 




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