Testimonials and Reviews From Our Facebook Page & Etsy Shop!

Stephany M.

I tried a sample of the children’s allergy,cold and flu essential oil on my children and was surprised how quickly it helped their allergy symptoms. I was also pleased with the fact that it does not cause any weird side effects like sleepiness or hyperactivity like other treatments do.

Danielle V.
I have been using the teething gel on my 4.5 month old son and it seems to help so far though not sure to what level. He is ok with the taste and I like that it is thick and easy to apply.

Stephanie H.
Just what I was looking for, thank you! Labor Ease

I got it quickly and its a great product thank u! Teething gel.

Jaqueline B.
My order arrived so quickly! Nausea relief is the only product I have tried thus far and I feel like it helps. I think it also helps wake me up a bit, since I am so exhausted at this point in my pregnancy. Thanks – I will be back for more!!

Heather S.
Purchased the teething gel for my new baby cousin. She’s 4 months and has started teething. The teething gel seems to work well for her. She definitely likes the taste, and after a few minutes she doesn’t seem so fussy and isn’t gnawing on her fists anymore.

Lindsey P.
I could tell my LO had major burp stuck. All red in the face, pulling his legs up. I tried burping him and got nothing. Then I undressed him. Laid him down and rubbed the oil on his belly and low back and up his throat. With in 3 minutes he stopped crying and seriously the most relaxed look came over his face. While laying there he burped 3 times and then did a huge fart! I picked him up and he just melted into me like butter! He’s never felt so relaxed before. His whole body is softening into me and he fell right asleep! This is the first night in 13 days that my LO hasn’t screamed starting at 6pm. I seriously am crying writing this! Colic & Gas Relief

Kim M.
We are enjoying our uplift & refresh body mist so much…my daughter is using it as her daily fragrance! (LOVE the scent) And my 14 year old Jack Russell Terrier has a bed that is much more pleasant for us all with it’s new smell of the citra fresh deodorizer. Can I just tell you that I use the Allergy Relief daily – no joke – and it has decreased the amount of medication that I use for allergy symptoms and headaches significantly…this is HUGE for me. (i hate medication) Thank you!

Meg B.

Wonderful scent. Very calming and hugely helpful. Shipped immediately! Thank to much. What a lifesaver!! Nausea Relief Inhaler

Camaira S.
I purchased the colic and gas oil for my baby.. first use I had him asleep 2 hours before his normal and he slept so calmly. I’ve never seen him sleep so well. Plus it smells amazing!

Stacy G.
This past weekend I attended a natural mom show that Jillian was a vendor at. I was looking forward to trying the calming oil on my 8 month old and decided to buy the teething oil as well. I was chatting with Jillian while she packed the products and when I returned home I noticed the black tamper evident seal on the teething oil was cracked. I messaged her on Facebook about it and she responded the next day. She was so helpful and kind! She sent me a replacement bottle in the mail. I received it two days later with some samples! I was surprised how accommodating, prompt and easy going she was about the whole situation. It is rare to experience that in customer service nowadays. I am extremely happy with the service, as well as with the products! I especially love the calming oil, it helps my son sleep longer and even helps me to relax after a long day of mom craziness!

Valerie T.
I found these products at ReRuns 4 Little Ones and I’m in love! The sleepy time spray is a must in my house, gets my kids nice and calm before bed.

Mrs. Angie
I have just tried the cold and flu inhaler and I love it…. it has stopped my cough and made it so I can breath without coughing…. thank you!!

Becky C.
My son gets huge welt like bugbites & nothing seems to help. I used the bugbite relief & it stopped itching immediately & was gone the next day! And the boo boo stick has helped heal & relieve pain on many a scrape & scratch too! So glad I’ve found you!!

Adrianna C.
Pain Relieving Oil Love it! Thank you! It works so well! Maggie Nausea Relief Inhaler Received in time for Christmas, a gift for my daughter who is expecting her first child. She loved the smell and that fact that it was all natural. She tells me if she gets to it quick enough it really does make a difference. Wonderful service, great products and nice follow through. Thank you.

Amber A.
Muscle Ache & Fluid Retention I used the muscle relief oil and it works so fast! Ashley N. I just got the birthing bracelet 30 minutes ago and I felt it working automatically…..so relaxed! Every expectant mother needs one!

Alison W.
Jill is passionate about what she does and believes in her products. As a pregnant mom, I’m very excited to try the belly bump oil. Angela H. I have been using the Aromatherapy Pain Relieving Oil, and all I can say is,”It Is Amazing!!!” I’ve been using it at night, and I’ve noticed that the aromatherapy is helping me sleep better. I feel so relaxed. Thank you Jill, I can’t wait to try more of your amazing products!

Mike K.
Your Pain Relieving Oil worked like a charm on my tendinitis. I can’t even remember how long it took to make the pain go away, but one minute I was sitting there, and the next minute I was like–“oh my god…my elbows don’t hurt…”. It seemed to work like magic!

Shan C.
Detail oriented service and quality products. Jill is soooo knowledgeable! Thank you for the great advice along with the products!

Cheryl W.
I recently tried Aroma-Ease Pain Relieving Oil to see if it would help with my a nagging shoulder injury and all I can say is it is fantastic! I loved it from the moment I opened the bottle and smelled it. I just knew it would work. Since I had great relief with my shoulder I now use it on my knee was well and with awesome results. It seems to start working immediately as you rub it in which is amazing since having my whole arm aching all day was really beginning to wear me down. I can’t say enough how wonderful this product is and thank you Jillian for bringing it into my life!

Jessica K.
Love……Really loving my oils!!!!! My favorite so far is the one made for treating the “baby blues” thank you! They also have an amazing oil for babies who have congestion! It really helped my little guy.

Joyce B.

Thanks for the great products Jill, love the refresher spray!!!

Jenni M.
I am loving my beautiful gemstone bracelet from the Back to School and Back in Shape event today. Fingers crossed that it brings me a healthy and happy third pregnancy soon!

Chris T.
Great products! Love the logo.

Laura S.
Love the baby calm and car diffuser!!

Jodi K.

Love the baby calming oil!